Natural Law Energy has been created as a coalition of First Nations in Saskatchewan and Alberta to pursue economic opportunities for the wealth and benefit of Indigenous Peoples. We are an economic alliance of the original Nations of Treaty No. 4, Treaty No. 6 and Treaty No. 7 territories. NLE is pursuing intergenerational wealth and benefit for our Peoples and Nations. We follow our traditional governance to create prosperity, health and success for the next seven generations. We believe in our natural laws as Indigenous People.

Natural Law Energy is the voice of participating Nations in Canada and is a strong, visionary, and effective corporation.

Executive Leaders

Our founders, executive leaders, legal and NLE team all have one thing in common, "Love, Understanding & Respect for our Creator, our Families, our Nations, our Ways, Mother Earth and the Universe".

Chief. Alvin Francis


Travis Meguinis


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Vission Statement

To create inter-tribal and generational prosperity for our Nations & Tribes using our "traditional governance" with modern day society

Mission Statement

We will follow our traditional governance to create a path and leave a handprint that is paramount with First Nations natural laws for generations to come.